Leading a new team? Here’s what you shouldn’t forget…

If you’re a new team leader, your actions in the first few weeks and months can play a large part in how well your team succeeds.

Following on from last week’s post where we looked at the steps you need to take to build an effective group of individuals, here we’re focusing on the principles of what you need to remember in those initial team-building months:


  • Be clear about the process and reasons behind your decision-making, and how you’ll evaluate the team’s progress
  • Encourage team members to communicate with one another – putting in place policies of openness and transparency from the start will help avoid misunderstandings and poor results later
  • Look out for stumbling blocks or any areas that can turn from confusion into a grievance — by recognising and then fixing them will earn you goodwill and respect, and a source of inspiration for the team


  • Jump into trying to accomplish the work without investing time in building relationships with the team
  • Assume that new team members understand how you or others in the team work ­— as leader, it’s your role to take the time to explain processes and expectations.
  • Be afraid to communicate with all team members, as a group and individually, often early on — you can always pull back when the team is working well

Build an effective team

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