Make time to work on the bigger issues in your business

Here’s an example of how focusing on the more important issues in your business will reap rewards:

A trainer working with a group to the importance of time management at work placed a large glass jar on a table. He then produced about a dozen fist-sized rocks and put them one at a time into the jar.

When the jar was filled to the top and no more rocks would fit inside, he asked, “Is this jar full?” Everyone in the group said “yes”. “Really?” he asked. “Let’s see”. He then pulled out a bucket of gravel. Putting some gravel into the jar, he then shook it, so that the pieces of gravel moved into the spaces between the big rocks.

He asked again, “Is the jar full?” The group was catching on quickly. “No!” they cried. “Very good!” he replied.

He then brought out a bucket of sand. As he poured the sand in, it went into the spaces left between the rocks and the gravel. He finished and asked again, “Is this jar full?” “Probably not,” someone answered.

“Excellent.” he replied. And he took a jug of water and poured it in until the jar was filled to the brim.

What’s the point of this example? What would have happened if he had put the sand and gravel in first? That’s right – unless you put the big rocks in first, you won’t get them in at all.

Or if you apply this to your business: make sure you plan enough time to work on the big issues you face or the smaller stuff will take over. This will then leave you with no time to fit those important issues in.

What are the ‘big rocks’ in your life and work? Your ‘important, not urgent’ projects? Is it your own fitness or perhaps your personal development? Or maybe it’s to recruit an assistant to free you up your time! Try putting these in first. You’ll be surprised at how much space and time there is then to fit in all the other stuff…