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Project Description

Metal Detection System Manufacturer

As a growing organisation, Fortress Technology in north Oxfordshire was facing how best to cope with necessary change within the company. Not being a large company or having the benefits of multiple resources at their finger tips, they were feeling quite alone in the task of devising a process that would encourage growth whilst not leaving the staff behind.

How did we help?

  • Worked with all staff and management to define clear job responsibilities and development plans for everyone in the business.
  • Facilitated a series of company workshops, beginning with senior management and ultimately involving all staff, to help the management team create and communicate strategy and structure.

With a more comprehensive structure in place, the leadership team were able to concentrate on developing their staff, and to set achievable business objectives to benefit both them and the company.

Larger companies often have their own team of individuals who can manage the change management process but for smaller companies it can be a very difficult and lonely task. With Kate’s help, it was clear we were not alone, and the advice and experience she was able to bring were both productive and reassuring.

With her guidance and facilitation skills we were able to start looking at individuals’ roles and responsibilities from a different perspective, and involving her in workshops with the staff reinforced the messages we wanted, as a management team, to put across. The end result is we are now in a position to implement our own Performance Management system which is both directly linked to achieving the business objectives and helps develop our staff.

Sarah Ketchin, Managing Director, Fortress Technology (Europe) Ltd


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