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Project Description

Oxfordshire Recruitment Agency

The company leaders of Plus One Personnel, a leading Oxfordshire recruitment agency, were getting too enmeshed in the day to day running of the business as well as involved with the emotions and issues of the staff. This left them with not enough of their time being spent on leadership, direction and strategy.

How did we help?

Working with the business’s owner/directors we devised strategies that would benefit the business, not just in the short term. Together we:

  • Established job roles and descriptions as a workable framework for the staff.
  • Helped the managing director to step back from his role, to delegate more and to concentrate on leading the business.
  • With this new organisational structure, focused the company on growth and process change as a path to success.

They provided our business with a programme for organisational change and structure. Thanks to the programme and Kate’s advice throughout, I personally became able to separate my emotions from the business and to begin to manage the business more effectively, which included a focus on building job role profiles for staff to work within, instead of building roles to fit the personnel we had.

This new ability to stand back and manage our business more effectively has enabled us to put a much more solid company infrastructure into place, which in turn has resulted in improvements in business processes and growth of our business, without detriment or loss of earnings.

Stuart Moore, Managing Director, Plus One Personnel


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