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Project Description

Private Investment Company

Our client, Rivertrade, is a private investment company specialising in providing seed and early stage capital and funding to private businesses.

While there are strategic links within the businesses in the investment portfolio, the diverse nature of the organisations creates different strategic, leadership and cultural challenges.

How are we helping?

At Leaders Lab, we undertake change management in companies that have undergone mergers and acquisitions and are re-defining their organisation’s culture and strategy, as well as supporting and developing leaders and senior executives in recently defined roles.

We have provided individual coaching for CEOs and senior executives, and strategy and team development programmes for a whole executive team.

The one-to-one coaching provided a sounding board and helped individuals with their leadership and management skills. In some cases, it helped resolve individual relationships and misunderstandings that were critical to the success of the organisation.

This client portfolio is very wide-ranging, and we have developed bespoke solutions to accommodate differing organisation cultures across the UK and North America, as well as carrying out senior executive coaching work for a company in the Far East.


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