Does your organisation need a health check?

An organisation health check carried out with the senior management at a leading charity helped to clarify whether the existing working culture could sustain and thrive with a new strategic direction.

When an organisation undergoes a change of direction and strategy, it can not only be a challenge for the managers and staff to take on board new responsibilities and roles, but also for customers to understand the differences in the services offered.

Helping to identify the areas of alignment, as well as lack of alignment, that came with a change in strategy, Leaders Lab carried out an Organisation Health Check among senior executives of a leading charity.

[We got}…more change than I expected in some people. A recognition that some of the things that are stopping us are at a senior level rather than a regional level – even at the board level.
Director of Regional Development, Leading Charity

The charity

The association provides advocacy and support for people with a disabling and ultimately terminal disease. Their strategy had recently changed from the provision of personal support to sufferers and their families, to one of extending their reach by becoming a national help centre for help and guidance. Their new remit was to coordinate and support national health and other local services to provide the personal support that they had hitherto provided themselves.

This change in direction was quite a radical one, and meant that the charity’s managers and staff were faced with a challenge many of them were not equipped to deal with.

The Leaders Lab Organisation Health Check helped to clarify the existing culture of the organisation and its fitness for delivery of its new strategic direction.

How it worked

Working with 21 senior managers across the association (6 directors and 15 functional leaders), we provided an assessment of the state of the charity’s health which focused on:

  • 15 dimensions in 3 areas (Strategy, Culture, Performance)
  • 5 Levels of Performance (5 being world class)
  • 5 Levels of Importance (5 being vital)
  • Gaps arising between rated performance and importance

The process highlighted a number of key benefits:

  • Senior managers and Directors together agreed key features of a culture that would support the association’s new strategy and identified priority steps to develop it further.
  • It resolved permanently any issues of miscommunication or misperception between senior management sub-groups.
  • Commitment to specific, measurable improvements in three key areas: performance management, trust, and the culture itself.

The next steps

If you aspire to create a business that people look to as a place to thrive and create their best work, then you’ll need a way to assess where you, and your organisation, stand right now on the journey as well as measures to take you forward. The Leaders Lab Organisation Health Check provides you with a way to rally your senior leaders around concrete, measurable steps towards creating the organisation you envisage.

[The project was]…very effective – it has moved people on. People think about the world differently and are starting to work in different ways now.
Director of Regional Development, Leading Charity

does your organisation need a health check?