Generating effective leadership

Leadership power and effectiveness come from making bold commitments, engaging others in what is truly possible, and creating challenges to which others can step forward and contribute. Developing your own capability in these areas is critical to generating leadership in those around you.

Any leadership development programme must equip people to meet challenges by helping them reach beyond themselves and their previous way of working and thinking, and commit to achieving something truly extraordinary, even when they are unclear on the pathway to delivery. Your success in generating effective leadership will be in direct proportion to your willingness to engage in the same challenges yourself. You cannot ask people to step up to huge challenges and go beyond what they know in finding ways to meet them, if you don’t continually ask the same of yourself.

This model produces an immediate payback for your company’s investment in its future leaders. Not only do people tend to achieve extraordinary results in the process of learning to lead in this way – and the best programmes include real-life, real time business challenges rather than exercises and case studies – but once people have produced something extraordinary, they raise the bar for themselves.

This kind of leadership development demands that participants take on real time business challenges and projects so they can continuously integrate the new tools and principles they learn into key areas of their accountabilities and toward fulfilment of the organisation’s strategy.

It is possible to empower and develop effective leaders at all levels in your organisation, provided that every leader is actively involved in their own (leadership) development, and that the day-to-day business of running the enterprise is actively used as the vehicle for challenging and growing new leaders.

Effective leadership, then, is not a product of having the right characteristics nor about having the right experience and expertise – and it is abundantly available in today’s organisations!