How to ensure you’ll always have work…

This week’s post is short and sweet. Inspired by an entry on Seth Godin‘s blog, we got thinking about how you can ensure your professional skills are always valued.

If you can offer the following, you will always be in demand:

1. Sales

This speaks for itself. If your services are valued over and above what you cost – either as an employee or when self-employed – then there will always be someone who wants to hire you.

2. Making the extra effort

Making that extra effort is different from toeing the line or just showing up because it looks good on paper. It generates productivity in greater quantities than your overhead costs to an organisation. If your talents can make a production line speed up, your sales team become more effective or your travel expenses experience a reduction, then your services are of genuine value. Bad moods, unwillingness to help out, just being a bit stroppy – are all character traits that no company or client wants to see.

3. Initiation

The last in the line, but the most difficult skill to master. It will ultimately be the most valuable to you, though. If you can initiate something happening, to transform thinking and therefore action, then your value will be in demand.

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