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Project Description

Events Management Company

Exhibitions and events experts, DSA Design, are a family business based in the heart of the country. The dynamics between the directors of the business – father, son and daughter – meant that there was a lot of treading on toes and not wanting to ‘rock the boat’. The founder and owner, who had built up the business from scratch, was not passing on information consistently and regularly.

A lot of communication was implied rather than stated, and the business was suffering from a lack of direction with few processes documented. As a result, the two remaining directors and their small design & development team often felt that they didn’t know what was going on.

How did we help?

Over two years, a number of facilitated meetings were held with the directors of the business, either one to one, or with two or all three of the directors together.

In addition, Leaders Lab facilitated strategy and training sessions with the whole company team.

In the later stages of the project our input was confined to executive coaching sessions with the two executive directors of the business, the founder having taken a step back to a less ‘hands-on’ role.

Over this time, we worked with our clients to:

  • enhance the directors’ personal development, clarifying where they were going and how to get there
  • bring together the team into a cohesive whole, following which communication was more open
  • improve performance management of existing staff
  • improve recruitment for new staff
Kate’s personable nature, as well as her care and attention to everyone’s wellbeing have been of great benefit in developing people’s success. Her coaching and team development tactics were entirely bespoke to our organisation and have ultimately made DSA a better place.
Emma Lawrence, Managing Director, DSA Design


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