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Project Description

Premium Property Acquisition

Our client is a leading, high-end property buying agent who works purely on behalf of the of the property purchaser. Prime Purchase has a growing number of international clients in prime Central London, as well as those looking to invest in prime country houses or farmland.

The team includes buying specialists dedicated to Central, South West and North London, as well as the prime country regions. The geography and logistics meant that while the individual specialists were very strong in their region, there needed to be more focus on the team as a whole, and the Managing Director wanted to create more of a team ‘hub’. In addition there was a particular agent who historically had been very successful, but who had gone through a difficult year and needed to change his approach and regain his confidence.

How did we help?

Working with the Managing Director we developed a strategy to bring the team together so that everyone benefited from a more cohesive approach. We also looked at the MD’s strategy to focus more outside the UK, and we implemented a programme of one to one coaching for the agent who needed support.

As a result of our coaching intervention, which focused on personal impact as well as issues such as time management and organisation, the agent regained confidence and went on to have a highly successful year with a significant increase in fee income.

The Managing Director put in place ways of working that encouraged the team to work less as individuals, such as regular team meetings in London. He also set up a Russian desk for the organisation.

We are currently working with the new Managing Director and Head of London, providing a combined executive coaching and management skills programme, designed to consciously embed the organisation’s values and culture.

The executive coaching was significant in improving both my individual performance and my management of the team. During our sessions I was able to focus on developing and implementing a strategy for the business.

I now manage the team more effectively, making sure that we have regular one to one and team meetings. This has resulted in the creation of more of a ‘hub’, in spite of the fact that some of the individuals are spread out geographically.

Following Amanda’s coaching work with one of my team members, his confidence has increased and there has been significant improvement in both his efficiency and his time management.

Hugo Thistlethwayte, Managing Director, Prime Purchase


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