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Project Description

Entertainment Insurance Provider

Robertson Taylor, a leading insurance company specialising in covering large entertainment and arts events and tours, is the product of the merger of acquisition of three or four smaller organisations. This had left an executive Board formed of individuals from different cultures and backgrounds, who while making a successful job of running this North America and Europe-based company, now needed to work more effectively together to move it to its next level of growth.

How did we help?

We provided individual executive coaching for all Global Executive Team members, including the Company Chairman/part-owner, following up with a strategy and team development programme for the whole team. This enabled the team to:

  • Resolve individual relationships and misunderstandings
  • Build effective working relationships, especially that between the MD and the Chairman, whose locations in the UK and Canada respectively had caused communication breakdowns in the past
  • Clarify the roles of every team member, enabling issues to be surfaced and quickly resolved, and agreements to be made over accountability for results
  • Create sets of strategic business and personal goals for which they personally and collectively took full accountability

The new role and communication structures have ‘cleared the decks’ for the next phase of the company’s growth.


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