Talking Leadership: How To Monotask (Not Multitask)

For our next ‘Talking Leadership‘ series of blog posts, we’ve found an amusing talk on how to monotask (and not multitask) – taken again from the TED series of lectures.

Do you recognise your ability to monotask or multitask at work? Are you one of those people that aren’t just solely watching TV or cooking the evening meal? Are you multi-tasking in your free time, not just watching your favourite programme but talking to a friend on the phone, scrolling through Facebook and texting too?

Designer Paolo Cardini takes a humorous look at the world of multi-tasking, questions how efficient it really is, and puts forward his case for mono-tasking. Sometimes it’s worth concentrating on the job in hand and doing it well!

Do you agree with Paolo that we could all do with a bit more mono-tasking? Let us know what you think by posting a comment, contacting us on 01865 881056 or emailing us at