The benefits of streamlining

Your working environment has a powerful influence on the success of your business. If you create a positive, friendly, supportive and inspiring work experience, you and your team will achieve more and your business will thrive.

Working in a cluttered, disorganised environment, on the other hand, handling irritations and unwelcome interruptions, can drain your energy and deprive you of the enthusiasm and focus you need to operate successfully. The stress that results from this can lead to anger, frustration and resentment in your attitude to work. When your working life is starting to feel like an unwelcome, overbearing responsibility, it’s time to act.

Breaking through the mess

If you’re getting to the point where it’s all too much stress, follow these simple rules:

  • Look again at your original aspirations for your business
  • Reaffirm your business purpose
  • Identify key aims and values
  • Set aside some time to de-clutter the business
  • Recycle anything that’s obsolete or that can be handled electronically
  • Give yourself space around your working environment to think and be inspired
  • Examine the meetings you’re committed to and ask why you’re attending
  • Review incoming information, especially email. Unsubscribe from anything that’s not currently relevant – that includes newsletters, group emails where you’re copied in, online social networking notifications. If spam is a nuisance attend to this yourself if you know how, or seek help if not
  • Review business relationships that have run their course. Take steps to draw them to a close

Streamlining your business creates space conducive to wise decision-making. It exposes anything that’s out of alignment with your business purpose. The result is a feeling of lightening the burden, of renewed enthusiasm for your vocation and a sense of ease and joy. Clearing the clutter, whatever form that might currently be taking, encourages the clarity that is needed for you to handle both positive and negative changes with ease.

Thanks to Sally Lever, Sustainable Small Business

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