The elle programme launch

Monday evening saw the Leaders Lab team celebrating the best of emerging east London creative female talent as the elle programme, supported and organised by the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park charity, The Legacy List, was launched gently on its way.

elle programme launch group photo

The elle associates at the programme launch 29th September. Photo: Ollie Harrop

With a panoramic view over much of London, which took in the City, the sweep of the River Thames as well as the Olympic Park itself, the 13 elle associates met each other for the first time. The nerves were calmed but the anticipation mounted as they are about to embark on an exciting journey of discovery and self-awareness which could well shape their future careers.

Chatting animatedly with those who had all made this possible – the coordinators at The Legacy List, the Leaders Lab coaches, the young creatives’ own line managers as well as London-based supporters of the programme – we were treated to tasty London street food amidst some inspiring speeches and a host of goodwill.

The course of five group coaching sessions kicks off this week too. Kate Mercer and Amanda Baines at Leaders Lab have devised the programme to really encapsulate the essence of what would someone in the early stages of their working life would want to know. With the aim of helping women who work within the Arts in and around east London, the elle initiative is one which we hope will have longevity as well as an impact on all those connected to it.

We’ll be providing updates on how the elle programme progresses over the next few months, as for us it’s a new and exciting venture to be involved in.