The ingredients for good leadership

Leadership is a much-researched topic. In previous blog posts we’ve posed discussion points such as ‘Are you a born leader?’ or ‘What are the common flaws of bad leaders?’. These are just some of the questions that need to be answered in order for organisations to enjoy innovation, efficiency as well as success.

So what are the key ingredients for effective leadership? If you had to list the common characteristics of great leaders, it would look something like this:

  • The ability to inspire, and to delegate
  • Aware of changes in technological advances
  • Long-term planning focus
  • A keen sense of marketing and promotions
  • Everyday company issues are tackled with efficiency
  • They hold themselves accountable
  • Being a great communicator

Why is leadership communication so important?

Look at the computer you are using right now. It comprises several important parts, yet without its central processing unit, it wouldn’t work properly.

Likewise, whilst the list of key ingredients detailed above are necessary for effective leadership, you require something fundamental to connect them all together. And this role is performed by clear communication.

Effective communication is not just essential for businesses leaders; it’s a vital skill for anyone operating within the fields of politics, sports or the military, to name but a few.

Enhance your communication skills

Work on your leadership development…