Unsticking your mindset

Do you think you’re open-minded in business – or are you stuck in a certain mindset? One thing about mindsets is that it’s easy to see them in others but very hard to see them in yourself. For sure, you have opinions (based on experience) and you have certain ways you think you should run your business. But you’re definitely not stuck in any mindsets. Or are you?

Would you like to be able to raise your prices? Meet your targets consistently? Attract more customers? Communicate about your products and services with more impact? Lead an inspired and inspiring team of staff? Have more fulfilment, satisfaction, fun and success at work?

There are specific how-to’s – skills which you can learn if you don’t have them already – for all these areas. But you’ll find it a whole lot easier if you transform your constrictive mindsets first.

The solid mindset

If you’re in the business of managing others or supporting people in getting things done, no doubt you’ve heard one or more versions of the following: “Oh, I tried that before. It didn’t work. In fact, it won’t work!”

The problem is, you know it will work. You’ve seen it done successfully in the past and you know what you’re recommending has a good chance of success. If only they’d give it a chance…

What you’ve run into is a mindset. And mindsets are very solid, whether you’re the person with the mindset, or the person trying to change it!

So, if you suggest to your sales people that you raise your prices, and you happen to hit a certain mindset very prevalent at the moment, you could expect to hear some of the following:

  • “Our prices are already high, so we can’t raise them further.”
  • “We like to be known as a business with affordable prices.”
  • “If we raise our prices it will hurt our business.”
  • “Let’s talk about something else…”

Two kinds of mindset

Mindsets (not circumstances) shape actions, performance and results. If you’ve ever been stuck and unable to take a particular action or produce a certain result, there must have been a mindset firmly in place, or there would be no struggle.

Everything you experience is based on a mindset. Every thought, opinion, attitude, business practice, principle, creative idea, everything you do in your business (and life) is based on a mindset. It’s just that there are two kinds of mindset: expansive and constrictive.

With an expansive mindset you see new possibilities, are not defensive, are curious and interested in how things work. You are always wondering how to make things better, make a bigger contribution and how to grow. You can produce great performance and results from an expansive mindset.

When in a constrictive mindset, you see difficulties, problems, and obstacles. You will insist on being right and won’t be very interested in exploring, learning or growing. In a constrictive mindset, you are always thinking how to be comfortable and safe. Poor performance and results come from constrictive mindsets.

How do you know which mindset you are in? The key is in the struggle. If you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself, to get into action, or to produce effective results, you are in a constrictive mindset. If everything is flowing smoothly, you seem to produce results effortlessly and everything seems fun, you are in an expansive mindset.

So if you’re finding it difficult to motivate yourself, get into action, or produce effective results? That’s where to go to work….

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