What do your managers need to know?

For your organisation to be a success you need good managers, and too often this is left to chance. Teams and individuals who are badly managed are at best disengaged and at worst can actually sabotage your business. Your rising stars leave to go to work for your competitors and there is a nasty underlying atmosphere in the office.

So what do your managers need to know? Apart from being commercially astute and technically skilled (whether that’s financial advice, manufacturing or the law) they need to know how to do the following: –

  1. manage themselves
  2. manage others
  3. manage their clients

This is often left to chance and depends on the personality of the individual manager, because it feels like a bit of a ‘black art’. But there is a technology to being an excellent manager.

Managing Yourself

It all starts with the individual. If you can’t manage yourself then you cannot even begin to manage anyone else successfully.

Managing yourself goes beyond having a little empathy and emotional intelligence. It includes understanding the impact you have on other people and adapting your communication accordingly, giving and receiving feedback effectively, managing your time, and setting and achieving personal and professional goals.

Managing Others

Once you understand good self-management you are in a strong position to manage others successfully. This may be your team but equally it can be your peers or your Chairman. This means you know how to get the best out of each member of your team and develop outstanding team morale and high performance. You can plan, structure and deliver meetings to maximum effect, delegate work effectively and manage change in your team and in your organisation.

Managing Your Clients

Your managers need to understand that there is a technology to managing clients that goes beyond taking them out for lunch and being a bit ‘charismatic’. Once they understand how this works they will be in a position to handle client relationships to maximum effect, without relying on their personal style, which at times may not be the best fit with an individual client.

After many years of experience we have distilled down the technology needed to become a really effective manager in these 3 key areas. This is not just ‘tips and techniques’ because we know that ‘tips and techniques’ don’t change behaviour in the long term. Consequently our Management Skills Toolkit will give your managers all the technology they need but based on coaching principles. This means that we deal with the actual real life professional challenges that your managers are facing.

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