Your mindset and your assessment of risk

Leaders growing their businesses perceive and assess risk in a variety of ways – even when they are facing the same risk.

Two things stand out – how you perceive the scale of the upside or downside, and your assessment of whether you can live with the downside. Two mindsets seem to emerge – fixed and growth. Most of you will fluctuate somewhere along the continuum between the two, rather than be anchored at either end.

Leaning towards fixed suggests fear of failure, and reluctance to change will push you to resist and over-emphasise what is a risk and its downside. You will also doubt your ability to cope with any negative consequences, as they strike right at the heart of your need to be perfect.

A more growth-oriented mindset tends towards challenge. Risk is not to be feared and you can cope with failure. Setbacks are not devastating but used to reflect and redefine the next stage of action.

So are you a worrier or a warrior? Or are you just growing into your next challenge?

Thanks to Ann Rennie and Carol Deck ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success’, Stanford University Psychologist and author of MindSet, Random House 2006.

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