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Taste Connection.

Project Description

Flavourings Specialists

A small owner-managed research and manufacturing company providing quality flavourings to high end manufacturers and retailers in the food industry, Taste Connection is based in the Cotswolds. The three owner-Directors have an ambitious plan for growth over the next 3-5 years, with a plan to get the company into the best possible shape during that period.

How did we help?

Leaders Lab worked initially with the Directors in a two-part process, firstly to align on future vision and longer-term strategy and to develop roles and accountabilities consistent with these. A second session was then held to explore and resolve personal and organisational issues arising from the first. The process was then cascaded to the next tier of management, before two events designed to include all Company staff in the Directors’ vision and future plans, and to allow them to engage in creating the values of the Company

This has led to:

  • A Director team aligned on the Company’s medium- to longer-term future
  • Interpersonal issues resolved and a process and relationship established for raising and resolving any that arise in the future
  • The establishment of a small core of middle management which will be crucial to the next stage of the Company’s growth
  • Development of a set of agreements around who is accountable and how work is delegated
  • The establishment of a set of behaviours and values which form the basis of the Company’s culture as it grows

Improved relationships and clearer agreements on behaviour and practice in this small but growing company have created a stable platform for its next 5 years.

The Director Team at TasteConnection has worked with Kate at Leaders Lab to help us clarify and align our future vision for the business. With her facilitation we have worked to develop a core of middle management, and to then develop the roles and responsibilities for all members of the team. Through workshops and training we have developed a set of agreements around who is accountable and how work is delegated, and also a set of behaviours and values which form the basis of the Company’s culture. This work has enabled us to develop a cohesive team all working towards achieving our business objectives, with clearly defined accountabilities, against which performance can be assessed.
Andrew Sainsbury, Director, Taste Connection

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