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We work with CEOs and directors of medium-sized businesses, helping them to build and lead brilliant organisations. Our clients are business leaders who, while they run successful, expert businesses, sometimes struggle to find the time and expertise to really engage their staff and gain the full commitment and accountability of everyone who works in the business.

How often do you hear these phrases around your organisation?

  • We’re not performing to our potential
  • All we seem to do is fire-fight
  • There’s no strategy or direction
  • The team isn’t working together

We specialise in leadership, team and organisation development, as well as delivering one-to-one executive coaching. Our clients and their staff develop the skills they need to do their job well, gain clarity about their accountabilities and develop powerful action plans to achieve their goals. Leaders Lab enables businesses to achieve the results they want.

If you’re frustrated that your organisation is not achieving the results it should, we can help you. Contact the Leaders Lab team to discover more or call us on 01865 551086.

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The work done by Leaders Lab with the senior Partners has resulted in a set of clearly defined behaviours derived from our company values. These make it possible rigorously to manage and measure our progress in developing our company culture. Their guidance and skilled facilitation have been invaluable, as have their experience in organisational change and the external perspectives they are able to bring.

Hilary Ross
DWF, London Office

I now manage the team more effectively, making sure that we have regular one to one and team meetings. This has resulted in the creation of more of a ‘hub’, in spite of the fact that some of the individuals are spread out geographically.

Hugo Thistlethwayte
Prime Purchase

Our Director Team has worked with Kate at Leaders Lab to help us clarify and align our future vision for the business. With her facilitation, we have worked to develop a core of middle management, and to then develop the roles and responsibilities for all members of the team.

Andrew Sainsbury

Through Leaders Lab’s workshops and training we have developed a set of agreements around who is accountable, how work is delegated and a set of behaviours and values which form the basis of the company’s culture.

Andrew Sainsbury
Taste Connection

Leaders Lab particularly solved problems relating to low value operational elements of the role (as opposed to leadership roles) and also removed the ‘nice to do’ parts that had crept into certain roles but which were irrelevant in terms of driving the strategy and plan of the business. As a result we now have a set of leaders who are focused on the key leadership elements of clients, our people, strategy and dynamic leadership.

Andrew Hay
Global Head of Residential, Knight Frank

Change management can be a very difficult and lonely task. With Kate’s help, it was clear we were not alone, and her advice and experience were both productive and reassuring.

Sarah Ketchin
Fortress Technology (Europe) Ltd

Thanks to the change programme, I separated my emotions from the business and began to manage more effectively. We built role profiles for staff to work within, instead of building roles to fit the people we had.

Stuart Moore
Plus One Personnel

The executive coaching sessions I had with Amanda gave me a really useful sounding board. I’m now setting time aside for management, having much better conversations with my staff and am much more aware of what they need from me.

Robin Chatwin
Savills UK

Amanda helped me to re-establish confidence in my abilities, identify and lean into my strengths and above all to gain a sense of purpose and self determination in my career and life choices. Having coaching enabled me to maintain a positive attitude and still achieve success during a difficult time, as well as approach major change with confidence.

Isabella Zoltowski
WME Entertainment

As I am now setting deadlines, delegating accountability and giving praise where it is due, team members are now stepping up.

Tom Gerrard
Saunderson House

The executive coaching was significant in improving both my individual performance and my management of the team. During our sessions I was able to focus on developing and implementing a strategy for the business.

Hugo Thistlethwayte
Prime Purchase

I am now better meeting client needs by engaging in increased dialogue and I have a team that is clearer on their roles, resulting in more open communication and less stress all round.

Chris Coomber
Saunderson House

Kate’s personable nature, as well as her care and attention to everyone’s wellbeing have been of great benefit in developing people’s success. Her coaching and team development tactics were entirely bespoke to our organisation and have ultimately made DSA a better place.

Emma Lawrence
DSA Design

I am now better able to make strategic decisions that have aligned our values, focused our priorities, given confidence to our stakeholders and grown our business into a more efficient and more creative team who have more fun together!

Kurt Berman

A big thank you to Kate and Amanda, you were both incredible. You were amazing at facilitating the session and really provided a safe space for us to feel comfortable and openly discuss our issues. You really understood the different sides of the dice and allowed us to do so, too. I’m not sure it could have gone any better.

Sam Blenkinsopp
CEO & Co-Founder, Trippin

My time management has improved significantly and the way I run meetings has completely changed. I now achieve much more though I’m probably able to leave the office earlier.

Robin Chatwin
Savills UK

I’m very happy with the elle coaching programme. It was a complete hit with the associates and their employers.

Claire Gevaux
Foundation for FutureLondon

There is now much more of a self-starter ethos within the company, with people able to action points themselves and hold meetings rather than relying on others to do it for them.

Andrew Sainsbury

Really pleased with the output from our work with Kate and Amanda of Leaders Lab. Our wider team are learning some valuable lessons and everyday, as it turns out, is a school day.

Alistair Peel
Director, Strabens Hall

In recognising we needed to build both our business and our management skills we turned to Leaders Lab to provide us with the necessary framework, and to help us define roles and accountabilities. The key here was that their leadership development programme was practical rather than theoretical. We now have a better way of working with one another and our improved soft skills have made a difference to our team dynamic.

Adam Benskin
CEO, Strabens Hall

With the training and insight I received on the Management Development Programme, I was able to progress and earn a promotion. My new role will be a jump up the career ladder, offering many travel opportunities and an increase in responsibility.

Charlotte Wheatcroft
Saunderson House

Following Amanda’s coaching work with one of my team members, his confidence has increased and there has been significant improvement in both his efficiency and his time management.

Hugo Thistlethwayte
Prime Purchase

Leaders Lab has been instrumental in transforming our tired and ineffective appraisal process and unused job descriptions into a clear structure/framework of accountabilities driven by the company strategy and values. The result is highly effective 1:1s that hold our people accountable to deliver results.

Val King
The Rooflight Company

You both did a tremendous job from my perspective and a number of those attending said it was the most productive strategy day we’ve ever had. It was great to have people leaving the day who were on the same wavelength!

Justin Marking

All of my fellow team members at Samujana would like to thank Amanda for working with me to become a better manager and leader. I am now better able to facilitate change, grow relationships and make strategic decisions.

Kurt Berman

Having set out to create accountabilities for two of our leadership roles in the Residential business, as well as identifying development needs of a number of our Partners, working with Kate and Amanda has meant we have achieved our goals and are now cascading the leadership accountabilities programme to the next two levels of the business in the coming months.

Sally Chacatté
Group Head of Human Resources, Knight Frank



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