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Project Description

Wealth Management Company

Saunderson House is an award-winning firm of independent financial advisers, providing wealth management advice to private clients. Their financial advisory and other staff are very well trained and educated in professional skills.

The whole management group recognised its need to develop its competence in management and leadership, a common understanding of management issues in the company, and a common language for handling these.

How did we help?

Working closely with our client, we created and delivered a three-module training course: managing self, managing others and managing clients. This was rolled out to small groups on six separate days over several months, with individual coaching for Directors throughout. This allowed for participants to set and achieve SMART objectives between sessions and to try out, in real situations, skills learned during the training.

We also supported the organisation in the design and launch of a new performance management process. This embodies the key principles of good management practice with which all managers are now familiar.

This integrated organisation development process has delivered:

  • A body of mid- to senior managers with a common language and common managerial skills.
  • Directors fully up to speed with the new skills learned by their immediate reports.
  • Significant changes in behaviour and attitude to the job over the duration of the course, resulting in new business generated and improvements in client service.
  • A simple, practical performance management process, clearly understood by all managers and staff, and fully implemented.
  • Improved accountability for results.
The coaching, training and consulting that Amanda and Kate have provided for us have transformed the development of the culture of our organisation. There is now a large body of key middle to senior managers who exhibit real competence in management and leadership, and who speak the same language.

Meetings are more effective, individuals take full ownership and accountability, and we are all driving the business forward through explicit, measurable and time bound objectives. Our performance planning and review process now fully reflects this improved level, both of management skill, and of enhanced accountability for producing outstanding client service and measurable results.

Tony Overy, Managing Director, Saunderson House
I hear you’re transforming our organisation!
Mark Bourke, CEO, IFG Group


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