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Project Description

Window design and manufacturing company

Offering an extensive selection of high quality rooflights, roof windows and skylights, The Rooflight Company is based in Oxfordshire. It has built an outstanding reputation not just for innovation and design excellence, but also for the way it manages, empowers and develops the people who work there. The leadership team’s ambitious vision for the company includes basing every key decision and action on integrity and care, and empowering and unifying all company employees.

How did we help?

Leaders Lab worked with the Leadership and Core Management Teams to complement the excellent organisation development work already done in the company over the previous few years. We worked with the company in four key areas:

  1. to develop individual roles and accountabilities for every director and manager consistent with the company’s future vision and longer-term strategy.
  2. to support those managers and the HR Officer by training them in the skills needed to develop roles and accountabilities for every remaining role in the company.
  3. to facilitate the development of a set of clear behaviour statements for each of the company’s four Values, and…
  4. …to incorporate these and the role definitions into a simple, elegant performance planning and review process appropriate to this stage of the organisation’s development.

This has produced the following results:

  • Director and Management teams completely clear on their collective and individual accountabilities.
  • Clarification and rationalisation of missing and overlapping accountabilities throughout the organisation.
  • The establishment of a bespoke and straightforward way of planning and reviewing performance against both objectives and behaviour standards, which is actually used by everyone in the organisation.

Clearer agreements on accountability and behaviour in this small but growing company have contributed to the establishment of a stable platform for the next phase of its growth.

Leaders Lab/Kate Mercer has been instrumental in transforming our tired and ineffective appraisal process and unused job descriptions into a clear structure/framework of accountabilities driven by the company strategy and values. The result is highly effective 1:1s that hold our people accountable to deliver results.
Val King, The Rooflight Company

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