Are you an unhappy leader?

Are you an unhappy boss? If you are, you can expect your employees to be unhappy too. Here are 6 ways you can tackle levels of happiness at work which will impact your bottom line.

Often places where people are unhappy are places where the leaders are unhappy too. And yet we know that a happy workplace has a positive impact on the bottom line of your business.

So where should you start?

  1. Creating happiness and wellbeing in an organisation is a responsibility of leadership. Think seriously about how paralysing it may be for people to work for an unhappy senior executive team.
  2. Don’t think you can solve the problem by staff “jollies”. No amount of prize-giving, staff get-togethers or alcohol will hide an underlying unhappy culture in your company.
  3. Start by finding out how healthy your organisation culture is and feed this information (positive and negative) back to your senior team.
  4. Pay conscious attention to creating a strong positive culture. Make sure you actually put it on the Agenda so that senior executives are taking action and you are all being held to account.
  5. According to the psychologist Ed Diener “the frequency of your positive experiences is a much better predictor of your happiness than is the intensity of your positive experiences”. Make a habit of seizing the seemingly minor, everyday moments to create happiness for yourself and others in your organisation.
  6. Regularly ask yourself, “Have I done enough today to make those I have interacted with happier in some small way?” If you are not satisfied with your own answer, chances are that others aren’t either!