Which level is your organisation on the cultural ladder?

See where you and your colleagues think you and your organisation are on the following cultural ‘ladder’. Use your findings to start a debate in your organisation, and start the process of bringing your culture up to date:

Level 1: Organisation culture is seen as irrelevant to running this organisation.

Level 2: Organisation culture is seen as important, but no effort is made to address it.

Level 3: The organisation has developed or inherited a desired culture statement. But this only hangs on a wall.

Level 4: Individuals have created their own functional culture, which works both for and against the organisation, but there are no plans to review and evolve it.

Level 5: As an organisation, we develop our culture regularly and proactively, and especially when our strategy changes.

  • How does your organisation score?
  • If low, how much appetite is there among your senior colleagues to change this?
  • What would be a good first step?

Where does your organisation fit on the scale?

Create & manage your organisation’s culture