The elle story

elle is a bespoke coaching and networking programme developed by The Legacy List (now Foundation for Future London) in collaboration with Leaders Lab to inspire the next generation of women creative leaders in East London.

The first phase ran between October 2014 and April 2015 and was supported by Birkbeck University of London and individual sponsors connected with the arts known as elle pioneers.

It is now over nine months since the end of the first elle programme, and the elle associates have made fantastic progress. More than 50% are now in more senior roles at places like the Royal Opera House and the Tate.

We know from their testimonials that they directly attribute their progress to the skills and increased confidence that they achieved through elle, which is very gratifying for everyone involved.

The first coaching group of 12 women now forms a cohort of young women leaders in the creative industries, with many expressing a strong interest to mentor future participants. These young women are consolidating the network between their employers in East London and forming the next generation of women leaders in the Arts. With their drive and enthusiasm, they are positively placed to embed a culture of leadership and management skill in this target group in years to come.

Being part of elle has reminded me that I count. I count in terms of what I can offer my field and what I can offer the world. What I say and do impacts others all of the time, so giving the best of me as much as possible is pertinent in succeeding. elle has helped me on a pathway to get the very best out of me.
Natalia Barua

elle has given me the tools to shift the way I work so that I feel more calm and confident with my processes, which in turn has given me confidence to deliver as a leader on a larger scale. This has manifested in the successful delivery of the project I took on specifically for elle: since this went well I have been given (rather than asking for) another sizable project to manage.
Julia Cameron