Four ways to establish great leadership communication

Here at Leaders Lab we talk often about why effective communication is key to achieving a successful company culture, one created and formed by its business owners and senior executives.

Below are four tips to help get you started on evaluating, and possibly improving your communication skills, as a leader:

Verify undivided attention

Ensure you have your employees’ undivided attention by observing their eye contact and other non-verbal signals. This will improve the probabilities that they hear your request.

Also, consider the location and timing of your conversation. A loud warehouse, or a moment when your employee is focused on a difficult task is not the best circumstances for an important conversation. Invite them to meet you in the company canteen, or your office, where you can both be comfortable and focused.

Share your objectives

Begin with an introduction of your goal or objective, so they can have an idea of the overall picture. Share any helpful background information and provide examples of the action you’re looking for. In return, encourage them to ask questions or offer relevant suggestions.

Be clear

To avoid presumption or confusion, define and clarify the desirable action or result. Ask if they understand clearly what you want them to do. If there are specific steps or more mundane information involved, provide a written document, so they can refer to it later.

Completion period

Be specific with the completion date and time of the project or task so that a commitment is established. If the project is long-term, it may be helpful to set out checkpoints along the way.

Successful businesses are run by leaders who strive to actively create an effective work environment by unlocking potential within their employees. A good leader knows what their company needs and strives to build a positive work environment.

Adapted from an article by Richard Kirby, with thanks.

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