Six ways to attract the best clients

What does it take to attract the best clients? We think you’ll be surprised at how simple the list can be. And how straightforward the actions are, as long as you commit to them and work at them.

1. Contact one prospect every single day

Connect, whether it’s someone you meet for the first time in a networking group or a follow-up to a prospect you just sent a proposal to. Make it a priority to connect daily with at least one person who has the potential to be a client.

And if you can’t connect with a prospect every day, connect with an associate or a referral source. Call to catch up; go out for coffee or lunch. This simple activity gets those in your network thinking about you, and that often leads to new business.

And as a last resort, connect on social media. But this should not be a substitute for live connections.

2. Work on your thinking every single day

What you think determines your actions, your actions determine your habits, and your habits determined your life. When we talk about working on your thinking, we mean challenging and questioning your limited thinking.

3. Plan your day every single day

Yes, long term and weekly planning are also essential. But nothing beats daily planning – that is, committing to accomplishing a small number of high-priority items every day that move you towards your goals. You don’t need ten, twenty or thirty items on your list. You need four or five.

Simply ask, “What do I need to do today that will take me one or two steps toward attracting my ideal clients?” What we focus on and what we measure gets done. Then take decisive action.

4. Write something every single day

At its core, marketing is about communication. And if you’re writing, you are communicating. Most people are worried that they don’t have much to write about. But when you commit to writing every single day, you’ll soon discover you have more ideas than you have time.

Write marketing materials, web content, articles, reports, white papers, books, blogs, emails and ideas/notes. You don’t have to complete a written document every single day, simply make some progress every day.

5. Track your progress every single day

If you don’t know where you are in the game of marketing and where your prospects are, how do you know what move to take next? You don’t. Track everything that counts: your web visitors, your e-mail opt-ins, the number of contacts you make, the number of appointments you set up and the clients you win.

Marketing is a game. Can you imagine any other game where you don’t keep score? It’s absurd.

6. Read every single day

Information about marketing and selling is easily available. But if you don’t study this material it might as well not exist. You don’t need to read a lot every day, but you always want the stimulation of new ideas.

Read articles, blogs, reports, magazines and books. Read anything that helps you be a better marketer and businessperson.


If you do these six simple things each day, you have the potential not only to transform your business but to transform yourself in the process.

You’ll emerge as a more confident, informed, articulate person with the ability to attract more of your ideal clients.

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