The latest trends in Leadership Communication

Did you know that one in five people across the world believe that our leaders demonstrate effective leadership? While three in four people view effective communication as the number one attribute for great leaders.

Effective leadership communication is not just a buzz phrase. It has a clear and critical impact on an organisation’s results. For example, 61% of people have been shown to boycott or buy less from a company due to poor leadership perceptions. On the positive side, 52% of people have started buying or buy more from a company that they perceive to have strong leadership.

In terms of business sectors, unsurprisingly the banking sector features at the bottom of the list for perceptions of great leadership, however it is not all bad news. The technology sector is leading the way as consumer confidence in our technology leaders increases.

The following infographic on the topic ‘No Longer Just Top Down The Latest Trends in Leadership Communications’ gives a snapshot of current global leadership communication trends, the key hallmarks of successful leadership communications, the challenges and most effective channels to communication leadership communications and what the future holds for the discipline.

Infographic compiled by Newsweaver, sourced from reports on internal email communication use, Ketchum’s Leadership Communication Monitor and communication surveys from Newsweaver and Ragan.

Latest Trends in Leadership Communications