What does team development mean to you?

What do you understand by ‘team development’? Here are some of the answers we get when we’re talking to the business managers and directors who are our prospective clients. They say:”Oh we do a lot of team development. We go out for a big meal together every month. In fact we’re going out for one next week.”

Or they say, “We sort out all our issues over a pint on our Friday pub nights.”

Or they say, “We never socialise as a team. We believe in keeping our personal and work life strictly separate.”

Which is all missing the point really – you may or may not choose to socialise with your colleagues, but there’s no substitute for creating a clearly defined set of rules and structures for communicating professionally at work.

We’d go so far as to say that people who don’t have much of a personal relationship often have much better working relationships than friends who work together. Why? Because they have to work at creating and maintaining them!

For further inspiration, here are some ideas on building successful working relationships we’ve published on our blog.

Then, if you do decide to have some sociable fun, it can be just that!